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Scope of Service

CodeStasis supports the current and immediate previous version of these browsers:

Only the latest version only of these browsers is supported, but may have visible rendering differences:

While we will try to make the site compatible with as many browsers as possible, we cannot guarantee the site will work with browsers not on this list.

Your Rights

You can choose to remain anonymous while browsing our website. But will have to supply the minimum necessary personal details to enter into a contract upon signup.

You have the right to export your data from the site at any time, subject to reasonable constraints on bandwidth.

You can close your account and delete all your data at any time by contacting us.

Your data will not be intentionally shown to other users.

Your personal data, including your email address and identity will not be shared without your consent.

Your data will be backed up regularly and the backups tested.

If there is a significant outage, you will receive a full explanation of the circumstances and what measures will be taken to prevent a recurrence.

If the site ceases operation, you will receive an opportunity to download your stored data in human and machine readable formats suitable for import into other services.

You have the right to receive an explanation, and when possible advance warning, if your account is throttled or cancelled for the reasons outlined below.

Any new features that affect privacy will be strictly opt-in.

You will be treated with respect and discretion.

Your Responsibilities

You should not make automated requests to the website or package index more frequently than once every 10 seconds. If you send too many requests too quickly we may temporarily return 429 Too Many Requests HTTP responses. Retry your requests after a brief pause.

You must not abuse our service by knowingly sending malicious requests.

You must abide by the source code license and not redistribute our packages.

You must not share your subscription details outside your team or organization, depending on your subscription level.

If you find a security or privacy bug in CodeStasis please tell us immediately.