Install CodeStasis Django, integrate with your build pipeline, deploy, and more.

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Install with Pip

1. Add CodeStasis as an extra package index

Use one of the following methods that best suits your project's dependency management.

Edit requirements.txt

Add this line to your requirements.txt


See the Pip Requirements File Format docs for more details.

Set an environment variable

If you use environment variables to configure your dev and deploy environments


See the Pip environment variables and install options documentation for details.

Edit your pip config file

Add an extra-index-url to your pip.conf or pip.ini file

extra-index-url =

See the Pip config file user guide for details.

2. Upgrade Django

Update the django entry in your requirements.txt to specify you want newer patch versions


Install the latest patch version

pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt

Next steps

Contact us if you have issues with installation.

And finally if your source code is publicly available make sure you don't leak your secret auth token.