CodeStasis: truly long-term support for Django 1.11 available now


TL;DR: CodeStasis Django 1.11 is available.

Software moves fast. Django 1.11 was the last release supporting Python 2.

As CodeStasis comes to support older Django versions we travel in the other direction making 1.11 our first release supporting Python 2.

There aren't many making the same journey, so we can confirm that seasoned experience moving code from Py2→Py3 works equally well in reverse to shepherd patches the other way.

As our releases hark back further in time we become archaeologists as well as devs. We have to capture the moment each release first happened.

We stepped in our time machine to punctiliously assemble the databases, GIS packages, and dependencies of the right vintage so each release is developed and tested in an accurate milieu.

Screenshot of in-house testing dashboard. Work in progress.
Behind the scenes: testing in progress. We're not done until the dashboard is solid green.

After months of running in-house on old projects, grinding out tests, and some loving manual QA: 1.11 is available now.

We hope you find it useful too and are happy to bring everyone up-to-date with security and bug fixes to keep your users, servers, and businesses more secure.

CodeStasis extends support for old versions of Django with backported security patches and fixes, because sometimes you can't upgrade.

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